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Niste siteuri pe care le recomand, in mijlocul minciunilor, pe langa cele din pagina "stiri":

Un articol, pentru cei care aud prima data de asa ceva, dupa ce s-au uitat 20 de ani la pro-tv:
"The BBC reported on July 17th: “Ukraine’s SBU security service has confiscated recordings of conversations between Ukrainian air traffic control officers and the crew of the doomed airliner, a source in Kiev has told Interfax news agency.”
Independent investigators are worried that ATC audio records of the MH17 flight appear to have been confiscated by the Kiev government. No reason has been given for this loss of transparency, but not a word from Washington regarding this cover-up of crucial evidence. "
Nu, inregistrarile discutiilor cu turnul de control n-o sa fie facute publice niciodata.  Au fost confiscate. Daca nu au nimic de ascuns, si vor sa ne arate cat de corect s-au comportat ei pana cand au venit rebelii cei rai cu racheta, de ce nu le elibereaza? La doar cateva ore dupa atac, ne-au aratat niste "convorbiri inregistrate" de-ale rebelilor. Si astea au fost toate dovezile de care au avut nevoie americanii, niste videouri pe youtube, conform propriilor declaratii.

Nu insa si discutiile cu turnul de control. In cazul avionului disparut in Malaezia, acele inregistrari au fost facute publice. Obama stie sa faca galagie cand rebelii aduna cadavrele si le trimit in Olanda, pentru ca "acopera dovezile!", nu zice nimic insa despre convorbirile cu turnul de control ucraienean care lipsesc cu desavarsire.

“How is it exactly that you know it was fired from separatist held territory?” asks Lee, to which Harf responds that the evidence is based on “communications posted on YouTube by the Ukrainian government.”
“Is there anything other….than social media?” asks Lee. Harf alludes to an “assessment,” before again reeling off talking points (based on social media and YouTube videos) that blame separatist rebels.

marți, 22 iulie 2014

"Original Wisdom" de Robert Wolff

"Original Wisdom" de Robert Wolff

"They shoot a giraffe, but the poison works slowly in an animal that size, so the giraffe runs away, the hunters run after, Van der Post follows them in a Land Rover. He mentions his astonishment at the ability of the hunters to follow the spoor of one hurt giraffe from among many other tracks in desert sand. Finally, after three days, the giraffe dies. The hunters skin the animal, cut up the meat that they now will have to carry back on their shoulders to where their families are camped. Van der Post writes that it must be at least 50 km (30 miles) from where the giraffe died. He offers the hunters a ride in his car. Three hunters and all the meat and some bones from a giraffe are loaded into and on the roof of the car. As they start out, van der Post says to them, “the women will be surprised when you come back so quickly.” Oh no, the hunters assure them, they know. When they get back to camp the women have large fires going, ready to cook the meat. They knew. "

"There is no word for “When” in the Moken language. They do not time events, measure time passing or focus on timing. Day to day they live in a flowing timelessness. Things happen in the now which is all that exists for them. This can be liberating in many ways. Because the Moken do not constantly measure time, neither do they keep track of their age. They do not know how old they are and, in a sense, are ageless.

Other words missing from the Moken language are, “Goodbye” and “Hello." There are no real endings or beginnings in social interactions. Visitors show up and when they leave they are gone and that is it. Without the notion of time, it matters little when – no word for when - the last visit was or when – see how important that word can be? - the next one will be. There is a constant inflow and outflow of people and experiences that happen with spontaneity and synchronicity. They have no schedules or appointment books and yet they always seem to be where they need to be"

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“All crimes, all hatreds, all wars can be reduced to unhappiness” wrote A. S. Neill, founder of Summerhill School

Today, all over the world, education is moving towards more and more testing, more examinations and more qualifications. It seems to be a modern trend that assessment and qualification define education.

If society were to treat any other group of people the way it treats its children, it would be considered a violation of human rights. But for most of the world's children this is the normal expectation from parents, school and the society in which we live.

Today many educationalists and families are becoming uneasy with this restrictive environment. They are beginning to look for alternative answers to mainstream schooling.

One of these answers is democratic or 'free' schooling. There are many models of democratic schools in all corners of the globe, from Israel to Japan, from New Zealand and Thailand to the United States.
The oldest and most famous of these schools is Summerhill, on the east coast of England.

The strangest and most unrealistic part of our child rearing beliefs is that our antisocial and asocial behavior toward them is supposed to make them into loving social beings. 

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Walter Russel
This physical theory, laid out primarily in his books The Secret of Light (1947) and The Message of the Divine Iliad (1948–49), has not been accepted by mainstream scientists.[4] Russell asserted that this was mainly due to a difference in the assumptions made about the existence of mind and matter; Russell assumes the existence of mind as cause while he believes that scientists in general assume the existence of mind as effect .